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  • Scott Galloway

    Scott Galloway

    Prof Marketing @NYUStern · Founder @L2_digital @redenvelope @prophetBrand · Contributor @bloombergtv · Cohost Pivot podcast · Weekly musings profgalloway.com

  • Nathan Allebach

    Nathan Allebach

    writer covering internet culture, advertising, and conspiracy theories

  • Casey Newton

    Casey Newton

    Silicon Valley editor at The Verge. Tweets about tech. Of all the reporters covering Silicon Valley, I am the tallest.

  • Lipika


    Dreamer/ Extroverted Introvert/ Engineer, who pursued Banking, tasted IT, with knee-scrapping Entrepreneurial experience, found true love in Writing

  • Nicolas Cole

    Nicolas Cole

    100M+ Views | 5x Author | Co-founder of Ship 30 for 30 | Want to start writing online? Get the Ultimate Guide: https://startwritingonline.com

  • Neeramitra Reddy

    Neeramitra Reddy

    9x Top Writer • Thinker • Bookworm • Gym Rat • Personal Growth Addict. Enjoy my work? Join abetterlife.substack.com. Get in touch: neeramitra.writes@gmail.com

  • Brittany Jezouit

    Brittany Jezouit

    Kindness, creativity, curiosity

  • Shelby Church

    Shelby Church

    Tech & Lifestyle Content Creator on YouTube

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