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Thom Gallet
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Every day I will wake up with a warm cup of coffee, open my laptop, and begin my morning ritual of grieving my twenties. While they say a watched pot never boils, it seems that growing older works in a completely opposite manner.

For me, the time for living a…

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Everywhere we look, we see people spouting trendy productivity hacks, informing us how to optimize every single minute of our lives. We read articles about how to read a book in a day and hear people bragging about finishing their to-do lists in record time.

We embrace this insane productivity…

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Since I started writing online, I have surrounded myself with the voices of industry experts. From them, I’ve learned that online writing is a constantly changing game, and it’s paramount to stay on top of emerging trends if you want to see success in this field.

So whether it’s advice…

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When you’re in a relationship, it’s easy to feel guilty about relying on your partner. Whether it’s emotionally, through acts of service, or financially, we all need our partner’s support at one point or another. …

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For tech investors, last week was one for the books for tech investors, as two highly anticipated companies hosted overwhelmingly successful IPO’s.

The meal delivery service, DoorDash, went public, selling 33 million shares at $102 US, creating an initial value of 39 billion dollars. …

Photo: Andrea Piacquadio/Pexels

It’s easy to be fooled by today’s trendy workplace environments. The standing desks option, the daily gratitude huddles and Taco Tuesdays all work to convince us that this job will be an amazing experience.

However, many workplaces are highly skilled in covering up their toxic environments. They lure you in…

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When I went from casually blogging to consistently writing online, the biggest hurdle in front of me was getting published.

One year later I have permanently conquered my fear of submitting, and now, my articles are published on a weekly basis. …

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Alright, let’s get one thing straight; I’m coming at this topic with a lot of privilege. Not only in my race, but in my gender, wealth, and basically everything else that being a straight white male affords me.

I have no intention to represent people of colour or speak on…

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When I think about mundane everyday tasks that stress me out, little compares to the chore of scrubbing and rinsing the dishes currently soaking in my sink. …

Photo: cottonbro/Pexels

Unfortunately, as many of us have learned, workplace cultures never truly live up to their hype.

HR will tell us they are one big happy drama-free family, where everyone is beyond excited to attend the 8:30 AM huddles. …

Thom Gallet

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