Thom Gallet
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Since I started writing online, I have surrounded myself with the voices of industry experts. From them, I’ve learned that online writing is a constantly changing game, and it’s paramount to stay on top of emerging trends if you want to see success in this field.

So whether it’s advice…

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For tech investors, last week was one for the books for tech investors, as two highly anticipated companies hosted overwhelmingly successful IPO’s.

The meal delivery service, DoorDash, went public, selling 33 million shares at $102 US, creating an initial value of 39 billion dollars. …

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It’s easy to be fooled by today’s trendy workplace environments. The standing desks option, the daily gratitude huddles and Taco Tuesdays all work to convince us that this job will be an amazing experience.

However, many workplaces are highly skilled in covering up their toxic environments. They lure you in…

Thom Gallet

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